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Marceline and Marshall Lee 2

"Who the lump are you?" asked L.S.P.
"I am Fionna and this is my friend Cake," said Fiona.
"This is Marshall Lee," I said.
"Wonder if Lady is coming," said Jake.
"She wasn't behind us when we were headed through," said Finn.
"Headed through what?" asked Prince Gumball.
Finn, Jake, L.S.P and me tried explaining, again, how we got here and who we were. But no matter how many times we tried explaining it, they had the same confused looks on their faces. Our explanations were getting us nowhere. It was as if it was the first time they had heard the story. Bonnibel was our only hope to getting through to any of these people. When we finished explaining the story for the 3rd time for them they seemed to have fewer questions.
"So wait, Finn, you are a human boy?" asked Fionna.
"Yeah, the only human from our Ooh that I know of," said Finn.
"That's not true," said Jake, "remember Susan?"
"Come on man, she was one of those fish people, remember?" asked Finn.
"You don't know that," sighed Jake, "there must be at least one more human in our Ooh."
"Could we come to your Ooh?" asked Prince Gumball.
"We can't get back, or at least, we don't know how to anyway," I said.
"Well, maybe I can fix that, you said you went through some sort of portal?" asked Prince Gumball.
"Yes," said Jake.
"Give me a week, you should be able to get home, Fionna, I need you to get me some things," said Prince Gumball.
"Jake and I can help too," said Finn. Cake blushed, and her tail started to frizz up.
"Sure you can come too," said Fionna, "We will need your help for some of this stuff." She pointed at the list, Finn came over and looked.
"Oh yeah, I remember getting some of this stuff for Peebles," said Finn, "The blood of a goblin, a fire dragon's heart," he continued reading, but he continued into a whisper.
"What do you need blood for?" I asked.
"Goblin blood works like fuel," said Prince Gumball.
"What about the heart?" asked Marshall Lee.
"To help with the blood flow, it is stronger than a goblin's heart by far," said Prince Gumball.
"So like an engine?" asked Finn.
"Yeah, kind of," said prince Gumball.
"Okay, so we will get the top of the list and you two get the bottom," said Cake.
"Everyone else can relax, go back to what you would do as if you were back home," said Prince Gumball, "come back in a week." Marshall Lee groaned.
"Where will we sleep?" I asked.
"Well, the Candy Kingdom is always an option," said Prince Gumball.
"I'd rather not," I said. I looked at Marshall Lee and had an idea; I didn't think he would like it. As soon as I went to talk he groaned.
"Fine, you can stay at my place until you can get home," he said. It was almost as if he read my mind.
"Thank you," I said, "I really appreciate it."
"Don't mention it," said Marshall Lee.
"Thanks," I started.
"Ever," he said. I wondered what he was so mad about. Marshall Lee and I left and we went to his house. It was much like my own, so I knew where everything was. I saw the guest room to the next to the restroom, and the kitchen right next to the living room. Not much looked different, except his base. It was still red, but the blade was bigger.
"You must know where the guest room is," he said.
"Yeah, I do," I said.
"You can stay there for the time being," he said. He went into what I knew as my room and shut the door. I took a basket and went outside and headed into the forest. I didn't think that Marshall Lee would be very happy if I took the food from his kitchen. I finally found a strawberry bush and filled my basket. I ran into Cake while picking some more strawberries.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, I saw Jake behind her.
"Oh, well, we decided to split teams, Finn is with Fionna. I am with Jake, we are getting some leaves from tree people, and some mushrooms from mushroom town," said Cake.
"What are you up to, Marceline?" asked Jake.
"Getting some strawberries," I said, "Marshall Lee wouldn't be happy if I took some of his. To be honest, I don't think he likes the idea of me staying with him."
"Yeah, Marshall Lee isn't a real friendly guy, but give him some time," said Cake.
"See you around," I said. I headed back to the house sucking the red out of the strawberries. I found Marshall Lee playing his base and singing a song similar to mine:
"Mommy, why did you drink my shake? I bought it, and it was mine. But you drank it, yeah you drank my shake, and I cried. But, you didn't see me cry, mommy do you even love me? Well I wouldn't know it, 'cause you never show it. What kind of mom drinks his son's shake, doesn't look him in the eyes, mommy there were tears there, if you saw them would you even care?"
He was shocked when I entered the room, "hey that song is personal!"
"Don't worry, I get what you are talking about," I said.
"What do you mean?"
"My daddy ate my fries once, but then Finn summoned him from the nightosphear, we cleared it up, I am still kind of angry at him, but," my voice trailed off.
"It was emotionally exhausting."
"Yeah, well, one time my old girlfriend, Ashley, tried to wipe my memory of breaking up with her."
"Same thing happened with my old boyfriend, Ash."
"I got some strawberries," I said pointing to my basket.
"Cool, thanks."
We ate the strawberries then Marshall Lee went into his room. Or my room, I don't know any more. I went into the guest room for some sleep. The bed was rock hard, so it was hard to get any sleep.
I woke up in the middle of the night and went into the kitchen for some tomato juice and strawberries. I put on "Heat signature 3" I sat on the couch and started to wach.
This is part 2 of Mareline and Marshall Lee, here is the link to part 1:

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